Architectural Aluminium Roller Shutters

Austral Monsoon has manufactured roller shutters and speciality doors for commercial and industrial use since 1923. Roller shutters were fairly new to the market when we started, and were made from made from redwood and steel.

Since then, our engineers have built over 80 years of experience. Using Austral Monsoon research and development, they remain at the forefront of developments in quality and finish for roller shutters, using aluminium, glass and acrylics.

We use computer aided design programs extensively in our research and development process. We constantly strive to improve the strength, size and efficiency of our products, to offer the widest possible customer choice and proven quality. As a result of this, Austral Monsoon aluminium roller shutters can now span widths in excess of nine metres in routine applications.

Our aluminium roller shutter manufacturing facilities provide flexibility for your requirements, and include a powder coating paint line to provide a large range of high quality colour finishes to our aluminium roller shutter products. We also provide anodising finishes to our aluminium roller shutters.

We make to measure to ensure correct fit and that installation on site is completed quickly and efficiently.

As a result of our flexibility and proven quality, Austral Monsoon manufactures a large range of aluminium roller shutters for many commercial and industrial applications. We are proud to see Austral Monsoon aluminium roller shutters offer safety and practicality in shopping centres, speciality shops, commercial offices, storerooms, car parks and schools.

Architectural Aluminium Shutters include:

To discuss your requirements for any of our architectural aluminium roller shutters, please select your state on the contact us page, and call or email your nearest Austral Monsoon team.