N35 - Box Section Aluminium Roller Shutter


Maximum Size - 2,500 mm wide x 2,500 mm high


Premium quality robust aluminium roller shutter door for fire engines and emergency services vehicles. Other applications include special purpose vehicles and truck bodies for access and security to compartments housing tools, equipment and machinery.


  • Curtain - 35mm pitch extruded aluminium flat faced box section Slats interlocked using ball and socket joint. The Slats are retained in position using self locating nylon end clips that are easily removed for repairs or maintenance. Each interlocking Slat joint has its own EPDM rubber weather seal to prevent ingress of water and dust.
  • Bottom Rail - Heavy duty extruded aluminium section 90 mm high allowing plenty of clearance with gloved hands to Bar Lock and keyed lock if applicable.
  • Guide Tracks - Side fix heavy duty 2.5 mm thick extruded anodised aluminium channel section 16 mm wide x 18 mm deep. Features include integrated EPDM rubber seals and angled profile for LED lights to illuminate the complete compartment while also providing concealment of electrical wiring for switches and lights.
  • Gutter & Sill - The Gutter section with unique Back Seal ensures no water drips from the truck body onto the Head of the compartment opening. The integrated EPDM rubber Head Seal is a bulb type proving excellent sealing properties between Head and Curtain while not hampering operation. The extruded aluminium Sill section incorporates a water step barrier.
  • Roller / Counterbalance - Utilising a 75 mm diameter tube and incorporating counterbalance spring(s) for light and balanced hand operation . The Roller is fixed to the Curtain with durable and flexible nylon webbing straps that are easy to remove for maintenance and repairs.
  • Brackets - Fabricated from 1.5 mm thick galvanised steel with perforated fixing holes for flexible location of Stamped Boss and corresponding Axle location. Incorporates 100 mm diameter nylon wheel to assist operation and reduce noise. Sliding Door arrangements are also available.
  • Locks - Bar Locks are standard. Flush keyed locking can be provided in conjunction with Bar Locks.
  • Finishes - The curtain is supplied in etch and clear anodised finish as standard but also available in powder coated finish in standard colours.
  • Options - LED compartment lighting with magnetic activation proximity switch that can also provide driver cabin warning lights.

The company reserves the right to alter specifications and designs without notice.

Technical Information

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