Austral Monsoon "AT200" Tilt Door Fully Internal

Maximum Size

9000mm wide x 4500mm height.


An Austral Monsoon AT200 fully internal tilt door is suitable for most commercial and light industrial applications. It is widely used in schools, showrooms, car parks, workshops, and warehouses and allows extra headroom clearance when compared to a standard tilt door as the door panel opens fully within the building.


  1. Door Structure - Doors are counter weight balanced and constructed with a single opening leaf. The doorframe will fully tilt up and into the inside of the building when opening.
  2. Door frame - The doorframe is made from Duragal RHS and is designed and manufactured according to Australian Standards.
  3. Door cladding - The door has various cladding options, including bar grilles, various types of glass including double glazing (with custom aluminium housing to mount the glass), Colorbond sheeting of various profiles, perforated sheets, meshes, timber battens, CFC sheets, plywoods, louvers, Danpalon, and so on - in fact virtually any building industry cladding in existence can be mounted to this type of speciality door.
  4. Door seal - The door is usually sealed with nylon brushes around the perimeter however upon request we can add acoustic seals in line with your specifications.
  5. Door lock - Pad bolts can be fitted to the internal doorframe for hand operated doors. Locking is not recommended for electrically operated doors.
  6. Counterweights - Used to balance the speciality door, located on both sides of the door. Billet steel is welded to a pulley system and finished off with custom-made cover plates. Counterweights match the weight of the door panel.
  7. Counter weight cover - Made of 1.2mm galvanised steel or zincalume sheet which is then painted or powder coated to the same colour as the door frame. The cover fits around the door counter weights for safety. It is usually the same height as the doorframe or in line with any particular requirements on your project.
  8. Door finish - The door can be painted in Dulux Acrathane two pack paint or in some cases powder coated to the colour specified (depending on panel size, maximum is 2.7m high x 10m long for powder coating).
  9. Door operation - This speciality door can be motorized or hand operated. Motorising options are numerous, and allow simple push button operation, or fully integrated systems with remote controllers, safety infrared beams, sensor systems and other car-park suitable control systems.
  10. Extra option - A small personal access door can be fitted to the speciality doorframe with hinges. The access door will open outwards.
  11. Room required for fixing - Generally 250mm minimum side room is needed for counter weight and 350mm headroom is required for motorization.

Technical Information


To discuss your requirements the AT200 tilt door, or any of our specialty shutters, please select your state on the contact us page, and call or email your nearest Austral Monsoon team.