Austral Monsoon "H21" Cyclone Rated Steel Roller Shutter

Following 2 years of intensive development and testing Austral Monsoon is proud to announce it can offer a steel roller shutter rated to withstand a Category 5 Cyclone wind event and to meet the Design Guidelines for Queensland Public Cyclone Shelters 2006.

A comprehensive test programme was performed at the Cyclone Testing Station at James Cook University in Cairns, Queensland and incorporated:

  1. Debris Testing - A series of debris tests covering 2 load types:
    1. Load A - End-on impact of a piece of timber 4 kg in mass with cross section dimensions of 100 mm x 50 mm impacting at 36 metres per second at both edge and centre span locations.
    2. Load B - being a series of five steel balls of 2 gram mass (8 mm diameter) impacting at 36 metres per second.
  2. Wind Test Load - The test samples were loaded in accordance with the AS 4040.2 static strength and AS 4040.3 (Resistance to Wind Pressures for Cyclone Regions) cyclic strength test regimes. Fatigue loading as defined in the BSA Specification B1.2 Table 1.

The Cyclone Testing Station at JCU has issued test report numbers TS774 and TS820. These cover the range of tests and this test data provides the basis of an engineered roller shutter solution meeting high range wind events that occur in Northern Australia and specifically those associated with the extreme requirements nominated in the Design Guidelines for Queensland Public Cyclone Shelters 2006.

Our proprietary H21 Cyclone Rated Steel Roller Shutter products are custom-designed based on specific site locations, door positions and building construction. They will be certified by appropriately credentialed third party engineers.

In relation to Queensland Public Cyclone Shelters, certification will include all requirements including but not limited to:

  1. Design criteria in accordance with AS/NZS1170.2:2011 for an annual probability of exceedence of 1:10,000.
  2. Nominated design wind speed (Vdes) and internal pressure coefficients for ultimate strength and serviceability.
  3. Debris Testing as per Cyclone Testing Station Report No TS774.

A cautionary note is offered to building contractors for Queensland Cyclone Shelters: "indicative materials" covering the construction of the roller shutters in Section 19 Overhead Doors are, in our opinion, inadequate to provide compliance with the broader specifications nominated.

To discuss your requirements for our Cyclone Rated Roller Shutters, please select your state on the contact us page, and call or email your nearest Austral Monsoon team.